Georgios Cherouvim is a multidisciplinary artist from Greece, currently based in NY. He entered the world of visual arts through computer animation and visual effects. Over the past decade he has worked on high profile film and commercial projects where he specializes in dynamic simulations and procedural animation. In his own practice though he is interested in the unintended use of these sophisticated tools in an attempt to explore new visual territories outside the realm of realism and embraces the nature of the medium rather than trying to hide it.

Using code and other procedural environments, he often designs his own custom tools before he can produce the final work. He finds interest in how the technical implementation and the creative process feed to each other, often leading to new ideas and ground for further exploration.

Experimentation is a big driving force and he constantly challenges himself with new mediums and techniques even outside the digital world. Over the years, other than computer animation he has produce work in photography, sculpture and illustration.


Georgios Cherouvim – 2017