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Running time: 0’40


What does my commute sound like?

Personal geolocation data were recorded over a period of two years (May 15 – 17). The 300,000 collected points are visualized and sonified over time at a rate of one day per rendered frame. The longitude and latitude coordinates are mapped to the two audio channels and normalized against the small window for maximum audio depth.



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Running time: 5’34
3D scans: Cosmo Wenman


What does a digital object sound like?

Geometric objects are stored as a series of points, which are connected to form a continuous surface. Each point is associated with a set of 3D coordinates.

In this experiment, the coordinates of a given object are plotted along the point index to form three individual graphs. The graphs are then normalized and combined into two channels, transforming the topological information into audible tracks.

These soundscapes are generated solely by the data representing each object. In the same way a gramophone reads the grooves of a record and outputs sound, the geophone iterates through the points and turns the traveled path into audio waves.

The end result is defined by the shape of the object, the order in which the points are digitally stored, the frequency in which they are iterated and the way the three graphs are mapped on to the two audio channels. No further processing has been applied.


Screened at :


anifilm 2017
(Trebon, Czech Republic)

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Opening titles for the digital design conference digitized.gr, which took place in Athens 2015.

Audio : Nic Birmingham
Typography : Konstantinos Penlidis

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digitized15 – ident


An ident for the digital design conference digitized. A high resolution still from the title sequence.

digitized | Ident for digital design conference.

26Sep15 | digitized

Ident for digital design conference.

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Ink on 3D render

photo 1401_fighter | 3D render and ink

8Jan14 | photo 1401_fighter

3D render and ink

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