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Running time: 1’49″


How do you feel about spam?

218 spam emails were received over the period of one month. The raw text is printed on screen in sync with the sonification of the same data, a simple conversion of the character’s ASCII codes into audio samples at 44100Khz. In red are the last 1470 characters that are audible on each frame.




27Mar18 | spam_01


27Mar18 | spam_02

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Slime mold


An agent based feedback loop system that simulates the behavior of Physarum polycephalum (slime mold) and the natural process of network optimization. Implementation based on this paper.

At later iteration it is also combined with additional forces and a video feed to affect its growth and behavior.

Rendered in realtime (300k partilces @60fps) using GLSL compute shaders within Touch Designer.


Running time: < 1′




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Proof of Work



Running time: 2’43


Mouse movement recorded over five typical working days in a Visual Effects Studio. The sped up visualization of the mouse trajectory is in sync with the sonification of the same data, by re-purposing the X and Y coordinates as Left and Right audio signals.

Captured at two HD monitors, using a digitizer tablet, at 30fps and reproduced 1470 times faster to match high quality 44.1Khz audio.

2nd week of January 2018



19Jan18 | 1515714748316


19Jan18 | 1515628818606


19Jan18 | 1515540148787


19Jan18 | 1515458097037


19Jan18 | 1515799528642



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