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Slime mold


An agent based feedback loop system that simulates the behavior of Physarum polycephalum (slime mold) and the natural process of network optimization. Implementation based on this paper.

At later iteration it is also combined with additional forces and a video feed to affect its growth and behavior.

Rendered in realtime (300k partilces @60fps) using GLSL compute shaders within Touch Designer.


Running time: < 1′




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live.01 geoAudio



Running time: 2’12″
Performed at: PERFORMANCE 0630 by Arts Incubator (ask@artsincubator.kr)

First attempt to an audio-visual performance using a real time implementation of geophone in touchdesigner. Presented together with geoLocation.



30Jun17 | geophone


30Jun17 | geophone



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Real time demo by ASD. First place for the Demo Compo category in Assembly 2011 @ Helsinki

Rhino | 3D Model made for real time demo, Spin

7Aug11 | Rhino

3D Model made for real time demo, Spin

Download the executable from Pouet.org

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