Georgios Cherouvim is an artist from Athens with focus in computer animation and creative coding. He is interested in novel digital representations and the wider insight they can offer on any given subject matter.

With a strong background in visual effects, in his own practice he is moving away from the rigid constraints of photo-realism. He enjoys using the highly sophisticated tools of the industry in unconventional ways, often past their breaking point. Digital artifacts, mistakes or even the byproduct of other projects, often become the key ingredients in the work.

Over the years of working with computers, he has come to appreciate the power and beauty of programming, mathematics and the vast space they offer for artistic exploration. He is fascinated by how computers can scale up simple rules to produce complex patterns, many of which are even found in nature. Human’s ability in recognizing patterns can be used as a visual language and convey emotions. The aim is to strike a balance between highly controlled systems and expressive bursts of randomness to create a visually compelling interplay between clean forms and textural chaos.

Georgios’ animations have been screened in festivals around the world including Ars Electronica, Siggraph, Art Futura, One Dot Zero and ADAF. He has participated in several group art exhibitions and in 2015 he had his first solo show ‘Monomorphia‘ in Athens .

He has been invited to present his work at the Institute of Architecture and Media of Graz University in Austria, the design conference Digitized in Athens and the games conference DevHour in Mexico city. In 2019 he gave a TEDx talk at the Ionian university about creative coding and digital tools.

He graduated with a first class honours degree and an award from the National Center for Computer animation in the United Kingdom. Since 2005 he has worked as a CG & FX lead on the visual effects for feature films, commercials and virtual reality experiences in London and Vancouver. He is currently based in New York running his studio ch3. He is also teaching an animation class at the School of Visual Arts.




VFX Reel



Awards / Recognition

Sep 20 · Spam awarded 2nd in Web Art at ADAF
Aug 18 · For Your Love awarded 2st in combined demo at Assembly
Jun 18 · Strange Jealousy featured Vimeo Staff Pick
Aug 14 · Mrs Escher’s Nightmare awarded 1st in combined demo category at Euskal
Aug 11 · Spin awarded 1st in combined demo at Assembly 2011
Apr 10 · Erebus featured Vimeo Staff Pick
Nov 05 · Theros best thesis at NCCA
Sep 05 · Theros finalist in the GSAA of Stash magazine

Select Festivals & Screenings

Sep 17 · Geophone screened at the Hybrid Technologies program of Ars Electronica
Sep 15 · Alosis screened at Athens International Film Festival
Aug 15 · Alosis screened at Siggraph
Sep 14 · Alosis screened at Animasyros 7.0
Jan 11 · Theros on Greek National TV documentary about animation
May 10 · Erebus screened at Athens Video Art Festival
Aug 06 · Theros screened at Siggraph
Jul 06 · Theros screened at OneDotZero 10

Live Performance

Jul 20 · Manna virtually performed for ADAF
July 17
 · geoAudio at Mise-En Place


Dec 18 · Participation with Tiny/Massive‘s collective to illuminate the facade of Harpa Concert Hall – Reykjavik
Aug 16 · Participation in the art exhibition of Saristra festival – Cefalonia
May 16 · Participation in Synthetic Resonances group show at Assembly Point – London.
Nov 15 · Participation in ASIFA group exhibition for the 70 years of Greek animation -Athens
Jul 15 · Participation in .GIF Arts Festival with time offset gifs, Los Angeles
Oct 14 · Solo exhibition, monomorphia – Athens
Sep 14 · Participation in AVAF10 with Digital Brushes – Athens
Aug 13 · Art exhibition illustration & ink at The Fall Gallery with 20 illustrations – Vancouver
Jul 13 · Group exhibition Born Digital with still from Theros and Erebus – Amsterdam
Jun 13 · Group exhibition Rascal Art at Beaumont Studios with ArchitectConqueror & Divider – Vancouver
May 13 · Group exhibition at Emily Carr with Mother & SonArchitectConqueror & Divider – Vancouver
Nov 12 · Group exhibition with Snoop Lion in Zion at The Fall gallery – Vancouver
Aug 12 · Group exhibition with Conqueror at Emily Carr – Vancouver
Feb 12 · Group exhibition with Bill Murray at The Fall gallery – Vancouver
May 10 · Group exhibition with digital images Tena and Gas at Athens Video Art Festival – Athens
May 08 · Group exhibition with sculpture at Morley College – London



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Sep 07 · Published photo on It’sArt Magazine issue 11
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Nov 05 · Article on 3DWorld about Theros
Feb 04 · Front cover photo in Photographos magazine


Jul 19 · Screening and presentation at Vimeo‘s Headquarters video meetup – New York
May 19 · TEDx talk on creative coding and digital tools at Ionian University – Corfu Greece
Sep 17 · Lecture at the Institute of Architecture and Media of Graz University – Austria
Feb 16 · Masterclass guest lecture at National Centre for Computer Animation – Bournemouth University.
Sep 15 · Presentation about 2 commercial projects and a workshop on creative coding, at digitized15 – Athens
Dec 14 · Presentation at Circuits and Currents, about the stages of the VFX production – Athens
Oct 14 · Presentation at Animasyros animation festival, about the VFX process – Syros
Sep 11 · Presentation at DevHour computer games conference – Mexico City
May 09 · 2 presentations at End User Event – Utrecht


Sep 20 · Mentor at the NewInc of New Museum NY.
Mar 20 · Judge for the animation program of ÉCU film festival.
Sep 19 · Faculty member at the School of Visual Arts NY.