Stellar Scape

Running time: 6:25 minutes Children of the Stars is the computer animation section of Stellar Scape, a collaboration with Yuanyuan (Kay) He. ​StellarScape is an immersive multimedia piece synthesizing music, science, visual art, and technology. The performance includes live musicians, electronic music, and dancers, collaborating with interactive cinematography—fusing kinesthetic and acoustic sensing with cosmic simulation, … Continued


Philip Glass: Études for Piano, Book I   Shards is an audiovisual performance of Philip Glass’ first book of Études for Piano. The recital incorporates ten pieces of music accompanied by animation both performed live on stage. The moving images projected on a circular screen, act as the sole illumination source of the concert hall. … Continued


30x40cm laser cut, wooden panel, acrylics Reduced 3D model rendered using a custom line shading algorithm and laser etched on wood panel, that was previously painted with acrylics. Scan Cosmo Wendman Laser Dave & Gabe Designs and painted wood panels  

Square 5 & 6

15x15cm laser cut, wooden panel, acrylics The line patterns were generated using procedural and simulation methods taking in consideration the color values of the initially painted and scanned wood panels. The final designs were laser etched back on the panels, closing the circle between analogue and digital mediums. Laser Dave & Gabe   Detail   … Continued


The ability of humans to control fire has been a key factor for our evolution and progress, which set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. Fire has been used for millennia to build our societies and elevate our standard of living. But blind from its power and potential, we tend to ignore … Continued

Strange Jealousy

Music : Crøm-lus (Poppy Edwards) Producer: John Tonks Crøm-lus Strange Jealousy is mash up of warped sounds, acoustic instruments and synth sound design. Sounds and motifs flow in and out throughout the song, sometimes deliberately detuning, giving a feeling of uneasiness. This uneasiness links to the song’s emotion, the subject of which touches on family, love and … Continued

Fighter – print

35x50cm, Limited edition silkscreen prints on 190 and 300 grams paper. Generative background pattern and custom raster for shading the 3D model.   Printing sessions generously hosted at tind’s studio in Athens. Limited number of prints available for purchase.