Running time: 20-60 minutes An audiovisual performance in collaboration with And They Built Churches. This act is an online live dialogue. A bi-directional improv work during the quarantine days. Melodic lines from the Byzantine musical womb and Countertenor vocals will meet with Shamanic voice drones, animal voices and rhythmic patterns. A​ liturgy about oneness.​ The … Continued


Dozens of thousand of wildfires occur every year most of which are caused by human activity. In this video about 200 million satellite data points were processed, filtered, rendered and sonified in an attempt to illustrate the size and frequency of this human intervention and examine how the patterns change during the seasons and whether … Continued


Music : Πέρα Στα Όρη – Γκρίνιες (Numb Capsule Records) Photogrammetry : Leonidas Koufalis Video source : Gerasimos Vallatos Teaser video for Saristra Festival 2019 in Kefalonia – Greece  

Strange Jealousy

Music : Crøm-lus (Poppy Edwards) Producer: John Tonks Crøm-lus Strange Jealousy is mash up of warped sounds, acoustic instruments and synth sound design. Sounds and motifs flow in and out throughout the song, sometimes deliberately detuning, giving a feeling of uneasiness. This uneasiness links to the song’s emotion, the subject of which touches on family, love and … Continued

Fighter – print

35x50cm, Limited edition silkscreen prints on 190 and 300 grams paper. Generative background pattern and custom raster for shading the 3D model.   Printing sessions generously hosted at tind’s studio in Athens. Limited number of prints available for purchase.

Slime mold

An agent based feedback loop system that simulates the behavior of Physarum polycephalum (slime mold) and the natural process of network optimization. Implementation based on this paper. At later iteration it is also combined with additional forces and a video feed to affect its growth and behavior. Rendered in realtime (300k partilces @60fps) using GLSL compute shaders … Continued

Proof of Work

Mouse movement recorded over five typical working days in a Visual Effects Studio. The sped up visualization of the mouse trajectory is in sync with the sonification of the same data, by re-purposing the X and Y coordinates as Left and Right audio signals. Captured at two HD monitors, using a digitizer tablet, at 30fps … Continued