Fighter – print

35x50cm, Limited edition silkscreen prints on 190 and 300 grams paper. Generative background pattern and custom raster for shading the 3D model.   Printing sessions generously hosted at tind’s studio in Athens. Limited number of prints available for purchase.


3D model rendered in vectors and laser cut on a painted wood panel. Laser  Gabriel Pulecio


          The solo show monomorphia, combines sculpture, animation, video, installation and screen printing. Driven by the world’s political, economic and environmental instabilities, the work examines how the modern western citizen dominates his natural environment and the society which he created. This collection was developed over a decade and the exhibition took … Continued


Debate is a work about the use of language in politics. The viewer is witness to two politicians as they engage in a debate; however, rather than having a constructive dialogue to promote their ideas and solutions, the politicians spend their energy arguing with one another. Their language is, once again, incomprehensible, causing the viewer … Continued

Debate Process

This installation project was an opportunity to learn and build something with electronics. Each unit includes a 45W power supply, an Arduino micro-controller, a custom build circuit board which acts as an audio filter to detects a specific audio frequency, a microphone, speakers, a RGB-LED strip and some controls. Each Arduino micro-controller is programmed with … Continued

Binary Speech

      A series of 14 silkscreen prints with unique hand drawn patterns on the characters’ heads. It is a visualization of the incomprehensible, technocratic language the political and economic spokesmen use to enforce austerity measures to the masses during the Crisis. A language full of technical terms and abstract economic meanings, acts as … Continued


Audio: Leonard j. Paul Alosis is a comment on the relationship between man and his environment. We observe him living everyday mundane moments, ignoring the consequences his daily routine may have. Isolated from nature and confined in a digitized world, he celebrates his dominance and transcends into a hyperreality, challenging his own existence. Alosis is … Continued


Telepolitics is a satirical visualization of the televised political debates during the Crisis. Instead of having a comprehensive dialogue to discuss pragmatic solutions, the guests merely criticize each other and avoid resolving the issues at hand. The political dialogue loses its purpose, as it turns into a modern Babel.