Fighter – print

35x50cm, Limited edition silkscreen prints on 190 and 300 grams paper. Generative background pattern and custom raster for shading the 3D model.   Printing sessions generously hosted at tind’s studio in Athens. Limited number of prints available for purchase.


Reduced 3D model rendered with custom line shading algorithm in houdini, exported as vectors and laser etched on wood panel panted with acrylics. Scan Cosmo Wendman Laser  Gabriel Pulecio Printed on paper Plotter Alex Harding  

Finite Image Generator

A fundamental artifact of any digital imaging device is that it samples an infinite reality and encodes it within a finite data-set. A digital image is stored as a series of color values, one value per pixel for monochromatic images and three for colored ones. Inevitably, the clarity of the image is limited by the … Continued

Binary Speech

      A series of 14 silkscreen prints with unique hand drawn patterns on the characters’ heads. It is a visualization of the incomprehensible, technocratic language the political and economic spokesmen use to enforce austerity measures to the masses during the Crisis. A language full of technical terms and abstract economic meanings, acts as … Continued

Low on Ink

Printed using a jammed inkjet with missing and low ink cartridges (29x42cm)