Cloud Slice

Point cloud of a cloud and sonification of a slice across it. Photogrammetry source video: Richard Loghry

Cybersyn 1973/2023

  A collaboration work with Bassam El Baroni, Constantinos Miltiades and Gerriet K. Sharma. 15:34, Single channel HD Video, 8 channel spatial audio installation Project Cybersyn was an experiment in instituting a socialist networked economy embraced by the short-lived Salvador Allende government of Chile (1970 – 1973) and developed together with the British cybernetician Stafford … Continued

AYIA ‘Easy’

Visual Exploration and execution for the abstracted shots. Music video for Ayia Director : Salomon Lighthelm VFX & Post production : ArtJail     Go behind the scenes, read the article here: Produced By…… All Expanded, Section80 Executive Produced By…… Artjail, Section80, Film Supply, Stink Executive Produced By…… Cabin, Division, Soft Citizen Director…… Salomon … Continued


Music : Πέρα Στα Όρη – Γκρίνιες (Numb Capsule Records) Photogrammetry : Leonidas Koufalis Video source : Gerasimos Vallatos Teaser video for Saristra Festival 2019 in Kefalonia – Greece  

Office Space

Commission for Integrated Projects using the point cloud and models derived from one of their surveys.  

Post Office II

A laser scan of the old Post office in Houston. In the first part of the animation, the geometric data of the model is converted into sound. That sound informs further audio synthesis for the second part, which then animates the geometry. Sound Kamron Saniee Scan SmartGeoMetrics Thanks Alexandre Czetwertynski  

Dance Party

LIDAR scan point cloud sonification of a dance party in LA. Scan @devin.ghar, @moonyhabits  

Post Office

LIDAR scan point cloud sonification of the old post office in Houston. Scan SmartGeoMetrics Thanks Alexandre Czetwertynski


What does a digital object sound like? Geometric objects are stored as a series of points, which are connected to form a continuous surface. Each point is associated with a set of 3D coordinates. In this experiment, the coordinates of a given object are plotted along the point index to form three individual graphs. The … Continued