Square 5 & 6

15x15cm laser cut, wooden panel, acrylics The line patterns were generated using procedural and simulation methods taking in consideration the color values of the initially painted and scanned wood panels. The final designs were laser etched back on the panels, closing the circle between analogue and digital mediums. Laser Dave & Gabe   Detail   … Continued

Slime mold

An agent based feedback loop system that simulates the behavior of Physarum polycephalum (slime mold) and the natural process of network optimization. Implementation based on this paper. At later iteration it is also combined with additional forces and a video feed to affect its growth and behavior. Rendered in realtime (300k partilces @60fps) using GLSL compute shaders … Continued


15x15cm laser cut, wooden panel, acrylics The two painted panels are scanned and brought into the computer. The same 90 particles fall and collide with the bright brushstrokes of each painting, creating the two variations. The particle trails are laser etched on the original painting. Scan Cosmo Wendman Laser  Gabriel Pulecio  

Sugarscape and slime mold

Terrain generated using a sugarscape, a cellular automata model with agents looking for sugar in the environment. Based on Growing Artificial Societies.     This slime mold simulation is a multi agent based system, obeying a set of simple rules and forces. The most characteristic behavior in Physarum Polycephalum is the distinct network of interconnected … Continued

Two squares

square 01 The painted with acrylics wood panel came first, which was then scanned and brought into houdini. The painting’s shape was used as an initial state for the differential Line Growth procedure. On each iteration the points are relaxed by distancing themselves from their neighbors. The whole line is also re-sampled on each iteration … Continued

Finite Image Generator

A fundamental artifact of any digital imaging device is that it samples an infinite reality and encodes it within a finite data-set. A digital image is stored as a series of color values, one value per pixel for monochromatic images and three for colored ones. Inevitably, the clarity of the image is limited by the … Continued

Digital Brushes v2

This series of images is the second iteration of an experiment in digital reconstruction of portrait photography. It is an attempt to create a hybrid between hand drawn and procedurally generated image. A custom software was implemented in processing, which provides the user with a set of digital brushes. Influenced by the LOGO programming language, … Continued


Debate is a work about the use of language in politics. The viewer is witness to two politicians as they engage in a debate; however, rather than having a constructive dialogue to promote their ideas and solutions, the politicians spend their energy arguing with one another. Their language is, once again, incomprehensible, causing the viewer … Continued