Cloud Slice

Point cloud of a cloud and sonification of a slice across it. Photogrammetry source video: Richard Loghry

Work in Progress

This collection of incomplete rendered images is the byproduct of commercial and personal work in computer animation. Test renders are common practice during the production and used to fine tune the various parameters in the 3D scene. They are quick glimpses to the final work during the shaping process. Similar to the chips on the … Continued


The ability of humans to control fire has been a key factor for our evolution and progress, which set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. Fire has been used for millennia to build our societies and elevate our standard of living. But blind from its power and potential, we tend to ignore … Continued


How do you feel about spam? 218 spam emails were received over the period of one month. The raw text is printed on screen in sync with the sonification of the same data, a simple conversion of the character’s ASCII codes into audio samples at 44100Khz. In red are the last 1470 characters that are … Continued

Proof of Work

Mouse movement recorded over five typical working days in a Visual Effects Studio. The sped up visualization of the mouse trajectory is in sync with the sonification of the same data, by re-purposing the X and Y coordinates as Left and Right audio signals. Captured at two HD monitors, using a digitizer tablet, at 30fps … Continued

Post Office II

A laser scan of the old Post office in Houston. In the first part of the animation, the geometric data of the model is converted into sound. That sound informs further audio synthesis for the second part, which then animates the geometry. Sound Kamron Saniee Scan SmartGeoMetrics Thanks Alexandre Czetwertynski  

Dance Party

LIDAR scan point cloud sonification of a dance party in LA. Scan @devin.ghar, @moonyhabits  

live.01 geoAudio

Performed at: PERFORMANCE 0630 by Arts Incubator ([email protected]) First attempt to an audio-visual performance using a real time implementation of geophone in touchdesigner. Presented together with geoLocation.      


What does the fingerprint of your daily commute look and sound like? Personal geo-location data were recorded over a period of 3.5 years (May 15 – Jan 19). The  80,000 collected points are visualized and converted into sound to reveal the patterns of my daily life. The data are playing back at a rate of … Continued

Post Office

LIDAR scan point cloud sonification of the old post office in Houston. Scan SmartGeoMetrics Thanks Alexandre Czetwertynski