Georgios is currently working for Framestore-NY as a Lead FX-Technical Director. He was previously at Moving Picture Company Vancouver and London for almost 8 years, and worked in projects including Superman, Sherlock Holmes 2, Source Code, Fast 5, Sucker Punch.

Full credit list at IMDB.

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Shot breakdown


Man of Steel (Nov12)

  • One of the two FX-Leads on a team of around 25. Around 250 fx shots in total
  • Responsible for all destruction and particle work
  • Worked closely with the RnD department during the development of Kali (Finite Element interface) to extend its capabilities
  • Development and improvement of FX rigs to be used by artists
  • Worked on some minor shots



Sherlock Holmes (Aug11)

  • FX-Lead on a team of 5. Around 25 fx shots.
  • Destruction for the tower, brick wall and tree.



Sucker Punch (Oct10)

  • Statue destruction
  • Bullets and impact
  • Picked up pre-made rigs for pillar destruction and other fx



Harry Potter 5 (Mar07)

  • FX look development for 75% of the fireworks used in the whole sequence.
  • FX rig setup and simulation of the fireworks dragon body.
  • Particle simulations for the fireworks in 8 shots.
  • Partial development of a sprite based smoke system.
  • Implementation of a of MEL tool to handle and manage hundreds of emitters.



X men 3 (Feb06)

  • Development and implementation of a set of MEL tools and pipeline to achieve the “atomization” effect for ‘Prof Xavier’ and other soft surfaces like wallpaper and cloths. This set of tools has been used since in many other projects like ‘Watchmen’ and ‘Dorian Gray’.
  • Soft body simulation of 4 shots using the above set of tools, plus particle simulations for additional elements.

Fast Five (May11)

  • Dust rig for the vehicle applied it in 5 shots



Source Code (Dec10)

  • Explosion debris


Renault Race (Feb08)

  • Lead FX of a small team.
  • Particle simulations and rendering of 6 shots with sparks and smoke for collisions and crashes.



Sky Twister (Sep08)

  • FX setup, simulation and rendering of the sprite based tornado.
  • Additional particle elements for dust, rolling stones and debris.



Sky Xmas (Dec08)

  • FX setup, simulation and rendering of multiple particle systems to create the Christmas tree.



SYFY (Jun09)

  • FX development, simulation and rendering of the two distant fireflies shots.
  • FX development and simulation of the two butterfly shots.
  • Layout, development and rendering of the fireworks shot.



Axe Chemistry (Nov08)

  • Development and implementation of a set of MEL tools and pipeline, for two different systems of the pulsing balloons. One for the distant shots where only particle spheres were used and one of the mid shots where particles were replaced with a small rig of geometry and light, along with an individual shader. Both systems were using the same pulsing and colouring subsystem for consistency and ease of use.
  • FX setup of an additional particle system to create the bonds between the balloons.
  • Simulation and rendering of about 7 shots.



Fred Claus (Aug07)

  • FX setup and simulation for the snow globe in about 7 transition shots.



Erebus (Mar10)

  • Personal animation project.
  • All the different aspects of the production apart from the soundtrack.