Binary Speech




A series of 14 silkscreen prints with unique hand drawn patterns on the characters’ heads. It is a visualization of the incomprehensible, technocratic language the political and economic spokesmen use to enforce austerity measures to the masses during the Crisis. A language full of technical terms and abstract economic meanings, acts as a barrier to the actual information and the intentions of the men in control. In order to reach to the conclusion, one is required to either have specialized knowledge or invest time to research the topic.

In a similar way, this work is a riddle where the viewer is challenged to decrypt the series of prints to gain access to the information. Reading top downwards the heads of each character, dashed lines correspond to 0 and continuous lines to 1. Each 8 line pattern is an actual byte that matches an alphanumeric character of the ASCII table. The collection of these 14 characters form a URL which redirects to an official source of the actual information.


This series was part of monomorphia art exhibition. Some photos from the printing process.