Digital Brushes v2

This series of images is the second iteration of an experiment in digital reconstruction of portrait photography. It is an attempt to create a hybrid between hand drawn and procedurally generated image.

A custom software was implemented in processing, which provides the user with a set of digital brushes. Influenced by the LOGO programming language, each brushstroke spawns agents that move within the blank canvas, to create an image with the trails they leave behind. Each brush is a set of different instructions for the agents to follow. These instructions reference the color of an input image to determine the trajectory, behavior but also the color of their trails. The user’s only creative decision is where and how to apply the brushstrokes within the image. Using a tablet, the speed, tilt and the pressure of the pen change various characteristics of the tool, creating expressive brushstrokes.

Along with painting the images, the implementation of the tool played an equal role to the whole creative process. Both stages required experimentation to define the aesthetic of the final images.








Screen capture





Series of images using with the first version of the tool.