Ethereal is an immersive audiovisual installation, placing the viewer within a vast cloudscape. The underlying generative system allows for a constantly evolving view of the sky without a beginning or an end. Rather than a linear structure, the piece unfolds in cyclical patterns reflecting the passage of time and the weather cycles in nature. Cloud formations accumulate over time, building up storms that release their energy before the sky returns back to a state of serenity.

The visuals are accompanied by an equally evolving soundscape in sync with the cloud formations. The intention of the installation is to create a space of tranquility, though a virtual flight in the heavens.

The clouds featured in the work were captured digitally using photogrammetry. This technology was designed and works best with solid objects. Instead of fixing or hiding the imperfections they are embraced and become part of the aesthetic. The sonification of the survey data together with a series of glitches, draw attention to the digital nature of the piece.

Audio: Alex Retsis

Video excerpt




Installation mockup