Pendulum is a kinetic audiovisual installation composed of a large LCD panel that hangs from the ceiling freely swinging periodically. This physical system works under the gravitational force and is initiated by the interaction with the public.

The screen intersects and renders a slice of a volumetric shape fixed in space, which is fully revealed through the periodic motion of the pendulum. The forms presented are manifestations of mathematical models used to digitally describe geometries and in extension our environment. The screen acts as the intersection in space between the tangible and the intangible, a portal connecting the physical and the digital realm. Through a sonication process, the rendered image is turned into an audible signal that fluctuates in perfect sync with the pendulum’s motion. The pattern on the screen turns into the sonic signature of the shape in space and time.




Through a sensory game of light, sound, and movement, Pendulum allows us to transform the way we perceive our world. Activating our senses in non-traditional ways, the installation tricks the brain to create poetic fiction. The artwork seeks to reflect on human perception, as a prism of infinite possibilities to understand reality, exploring the limits between the physical and the digital.