Finite Image Generator

A fundamental artifact of any digital imaging device is that it samples an infinite reality and encodes it within a finite data-set. A digital image is stored as a series of color values, one value per pixel for monochromatic images and three for colored ones. Inevitably, the clarity of the image is limited by the size of its data. The experimental software FIG exploits the finite nature of such data-set and attempts to iterate through all the possible color combinations a digital canvas can hold. Since any image can be digitized, we can also assume that any and every visual representation can be found in one of these possible color combinations. FIG guarantees that with enough time, it will eventually generate every possible image.

Could I ever generate and own the intellectual rights of every image?


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A pre loaded image to demonstrate the use of the application
Less data, less iterations, lower definition, with displayed color values

Manually modifying the iteration index

Manually modifying the iteration index

Patterns generated while scrolling through the vast space of possible color combinations. Distinct patterns emerge as the folding digits of the large index come in sync, during the conversion from the decimal numeric system to an arbitrary base which represents the chosen color depth of the image.